President’s Message

From the President:

From Claudia Cerchiara, RDI, President of the Retail Design Institute

Claudia Cerchiara Elected President of Retail Design Institute

Members and Friends of the Institute

On May 24, 2017, it was my honor and privilege to co-present winners of the Institute’s 46th International Design Awards in New York City. It was inspiring to see friends, colleagues, competitors, peers and fellow members from across the globe – Australia, China, Spain, Canada and the U.S. — seated together, speaking the universal language of design.

That night, thanks to the generosity of many firms, we raised money for the next generation of design leaders who will take our place in the coming years.  As members of the oldest and largest association for retail design professionals we can, and should, feel good about preparing our industry for the future.

While we are focused on the future, I want to remind all members that we have another responsibility to replace ourselves in the association. That’s why we are announcing new outreach campaign directed at growing our numbers. In so doing, we will increase our strength as the voice of the retail design profession and industry.

Will you join me in finding our replacements by reaching prospective members? These new members are quite likely a colleague, a competitor, a trade partner or a former Institute member. Thanks to our new software for managing members, renewal notices are going out while Chapters are taking it upon themselves to personally contact lapsed members and to ask for their renewal. We know from experience how powerful an “ask” such as this can be.

Fellow members, this is an effective strategy for “each one to reach one” and to watch our strength multiply.  When you connect with that former member, please remind them of many benefits they enjoyed  – Access, Education, Career Building and Networking – as a part of this incredibly diverse, talented and creative community.

If you are a non-member reading this page, please consider this my ask for you to join us.

Then plan to meet us at the next local Chapter event so we can continue the universal dialogue of design.

Claudia Cerchiara, RDI
International President Retail Design Institute